[Beer Review] Flying Dog Dead Rise

[Beer Review] Flying Dog Dead Rise

Friends, this beer wins Summer 2014. Hands. Down. When Flying Dog Brewery of Frederick, Maryland bottled a new summer seasonal this year they struck at the hearts, minds, and stomachs of the residents in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Though I still hold on strongly to my New England roots, the Chesapeake Bay is really the second best place there is.

But wait you say – it is late August, pumpkin…

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Four More Bikey Books Worth Reading

Two years ago I offered up four books as suggested summer reads to enjoy at the end of a long day of riding relaxing sipping a beer, on a bike-camping tour after dinner has been enjoyed, in the middle of a utilitaire under a tree in a park, and even on those days when it is just too darn hot to ride.

I’ve torn through four more books this summer – and though the season is coming to and end (at…

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2014 #Hoppy100 Aftermath

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2014 Hoppy100 Update

2014 #Hoppy100 Update #bikeDC #ridebikes #drinkbeer

I messed up – and will certainly mess up many more times – Perhaps it is the tragic flaw of the Hoppy100.

OK, We  are replacing Mad Fox with Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington.  And amending the start time to 0900(meet a little before then). Oh.. it also looks like Denizens might have changed their hours and they may not be open. BUT, I still want to include a ride-by in the tour (as we have…

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Playin Around

X J Z U H G O S Y K X I T L G T A X K X X K R W D S A K U X A V S E W R A E G G A S K H C B A T B E S P Z Q V H Q A A E N M G M Y O E G O S M T W T P E W M T E T Q Q S N H E Z N K C U G K S B R C S A S Z X B F P V G C I A W P A O H H B E G D E O R E H I V B Q R X H D K B X M R Y Z Y F O Y S D J B Y W U O C L J B I P P O X A C W Z B J Y D K N O Z H W E X Y U L A D E P C H Q K G A E G T C A U D L…

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[Beer Review] Hardywood Saison Rustica

I’m a little afraid to say it out load – but this summer has been so wonderfully mild in DC. Unlike last year when a run or bike ride in the hot, humid, polluted air would cause my eyes to burn and my lungs to constrict, it seems like this year we have had one very long spring. Sure, the temperature has crept up, let’s call it Spring+™. That being said, I’ve had less and less of a desire to seek…

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2014 Hoppy 100 Planning

2014 #hoppy100 Planning. #ridebikes #drinkbeer #craftbeer

Mark your calendars, it’s time to start thinking about the 2014 Hoppy 100 – a darn long bike ride interspersed with beer stops. What is the Hoppy100? Read my 2013 recap here to find out.


Every year there are new twists to this adventure, and application of some lessons learned. This year we will call the ride “Less Blood, More Beer” edition. If you were around last year you know what I mean, if…

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Long Island Sound Bike Overnight

Long Island Sound #BikeOvernight #ridebikes #makeadventure

Before I began writing this I checked the official rule book – a bike overnight need not be soaked in spectacular nature or capped with wild nights around a campfire, followed with mornings of carefully crafted artisinal camp coffee.  When distilled to its essence, a bike overnight should be an the escape from the ordinary, filled with the adventure of flinging yourself into the world knowing…

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My 2014 Brewvet

My 2014 #Brewvet Summary. #ridebikes #drinkbeer

The 2014 Brewvet challenge finished up this week, and results are coming in from across the country – I’m very excited to see how many finishers we get! That being said, I need to make my Brewvet official – so here is a summary of my 8 rides. Remember to send your submissions in by June 21!

Brewvet 1 – May 3, 2014

To kick off the #brewvet I opted to ride to my local beer and wine shop Schneiders…

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DC Tour de Cure Launch Party and Ride #bikeDC #bikeMD #stopdiabetes

Hey friends - If you are around on the 14th of June I highly encourage you to participate in this ride I am leading.

DC Tour de Cure Launch Party and Ride #bikeDC #bikeMD #stopdiabetes

Hey friends - If you are around on the 14th of June I highly encourage you to participate in this ride I am leading.